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Coaching and Assessment Tools:

“Set your track, get on it, and go!”



Our Program provides an organized way to:

  • Examine your priorities, interests and passions
  • Identify your transferable skills and unique value proposition
  • Make time to examine the broad view of who you are, where you are, where you want to go, and to evaluate your options and strategy for success, both professionally and personally.
  • Learn to talk about (and effectively sell) your unique skills and transferable talents
  • Identify your work styles, define the right cultural “fit” and create a consistent marketing message
  • Develop a realistic plan to make your positive change


The first step to positive change is to set a time and schedule to evaluate your priorities and needs, and devise your own personal strategy to succeed in getting what you want.



Our Process:

We utilize an array of effective, world-class career exploration tools, suited to you and your unique needs. The results help to provide input and answers to the following questions:

  • Exactly what do I want to change, and why?
  • Why isn’t my present career working for me?
  • What activities energize (vs. drain) me, and how can they translate into a new career?
  • Which direction would be the most valuable step on my path to reach my life objectives?
  • What jobs are in line with my priorities?
  • Where could I find a better fit to fulfill my potential?
  • How can I become more valuable? What tools do I need, and how can I acquire them?
  • What is getting in the way of reaching my goals?


From here we devise a plan, with realistic timelines, to help you reach your intended goals.



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