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Powerful Resume Writing:

Highlight your skills to suit the job you want


Now that you’ve defined your new direction and the aspects of a new position that will be fulfilling for you, learn to gear your resume to go after that ideal job you’re looking for.


Writing a resume that effectively showcases your talents, strengths and value can be a challenge! Getting the document to the right person on the other side of a search engine can be even more so.


Back to Business has an experienced team of professionals who can work with you to update your resume so you have a solid, well-organized document you can be proud of. Our process shows you how to write it and make changes yourself, so you can adjust it as needed.


Back to Business offers one-on-one collaboration to help you bring to light the relevant and transferable skills you want to highlight, and build an effective resume that can be easily adjusted to suit varying career opportunities.

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