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Facilitated Workshops


The Back to Business Facilitated workshop series is a great way to energize your teams and inspire them to better themselves professionally and personally.


Every team, and every corporate culture is different. This is why our workshops are not “canned”-  but tailored to each client, based on the needs of the organization. Because of this, our process typically begins with a meeting with the hosting management and often with key staff members who can offer valuable insight to the conversation.


Next, we choose a relevant topic (or create one) in order to provide the biggest positive impact for organizational growth and improvement.


Our years of experience in the business world tell us that just about every difficulty between people is the result of a communication issue, so all of our workshops are designed to improve communication in a positive way and pave the way toward employee satisfaction and productivity.


Our workshops can be enhanced with individual personality, communication and leadership assessments.


Some of our workshop themes include:

  • Exploring Your Leadership Style and How to be a Better Manager
  • Your Professional Image and Your Personal Brand
  • Mastering decision-making as a team
  • Mastering change for positive outcomes
  • Communication Strategies for success
  • and more


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