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Is your College-aged or High School student clear on what they want to major in?
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Are you a Student

trying to figure out what your major should be in college?

This can be really stressful. We Get It!


If you’re looking at colleges and don’t know what major(s) are the right fit for you, our program can help you find that direction!


  • Have your guidance counselors been able to help you establish a college and career direction that you are excited about?
  • Are you confident in your ability to navigate the college search process?
  • Would you feel better with an outside perspective that can match your natural strengths and talents with a college major?


Ideally, you’d like to be accepted to a college that’s a great fit for you-where you can be happy, study subjects you’re passionate about and live among interesting people. This takes some introspection and strategic planning.


Our program was developed specifically for high school students as they approach all of the big decisions related to college.

Our Assessment Tools Will Help You:

  • Gain clarity and confidence in your college direction
  • Streamline your communication skills
  • Identify best-fit college cultures
  • Gain confidence in your unique value and in your college search


Candidate Marketing Profile (Optional):

Getting into college is your first real attempt at marketing yourself. An individual’s marketing profile should be a clear, consistent series of documentation and presentation. This section includes:

  • Resume creation/review/re-work for college applications
  • Social Media review
  • Interview tips


Our unique combination of assessments and coaching helps to clarify your student’s unique value and learning styles so they can define their educational and career direction.


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