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“Linda met with our daughter who is beginning her college search. Linda’s insights and analysis gave our daughter an added sense of confidence as she moves onto the next stage of her education. Their meeting also gave our daughter a better understanding of how her personality profile interplays with others. It was a valued and worthwhile process.”



“Linda is a focused, driven and intelligent woman who inspires everyone around her to improve themselves personally and professionally. Linda’s hard work and dedication to her career, her clients and her family is much to be admired by those who are lucky enough to be part of her life. I highly recommend Linda to anyone looking to learn more about themselves, identifying their personal and professional goals and need someone to provide the tools needed to do so.”



“I would highly recommend Linda for women and students looking to better understand their career opportunities. She can help define the work life balance. She can assist in defining those skills that will help people achieve their dreams.”



“I love Linda’s energy and drive. She is full of ideas and when she sets her mind to something she gets it done. The Back to Business Event at Gillette Stadium in September 2008 was a clear example of her tremendous ability to pull people together to create an event that was well-managed and truly worthwhile. I look forward to working with Linda again!”

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