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Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking:

Linda Waters speaks regularly to groups on the following topics:

All About Networking: This topic is a popular one! Did you know that 81.3% of new jobs are found through networking?

This energizing talk addresses all aspects of networking:
–  The Purpose of Networking
–  The Differences between Social and In-Person Networking
–  Do’s and Don’ts of both
–  How to differentiate yourself in networking
–  Social Media and how to navigate it for the beginner
–  How to feel more comfortable networking in person
–  Now, What? How to efectively use your network…

Your Professional Image and Your Personal Brand: This topic is critical to women’s success in the professional environment.

This informative talk covers:

–  Components of your professional image
–  Why it MATTERS
–  What Branding means
–  Do’s and Don’ts of professional branding
–  How to differentiate yourself in the workplace;
–  Your “Look” and how it makes a difference
–  Qualities of a good leader
–  Communication Style Tips


“As a speaker for the Women’s Success Network, Linda was energetic, funny and very professional. We had her as our kick-off speaker for the 2009-2010 year and she really helped us get off to a great start. She spoke about the 411 of Networking touching on all the basics that many of us have forgotten or overlooked. She graciously modified her program to meet our organization’s needs and she was a pleasure to work with.”

“Through a career coaching engagement and a seminar, I found Linda to be quite talented, creative, and genuinely passionate about bringing out the best in people while doing the most for people. She demonstrated breadth and depth in topics from how you present yourself to appropriate career choice. Linda has a large, genuine heart and is fun to work with. I recommend Back to Business for both personal coaching and related speaking engagements.”

“Linda spoke at a recent Leading Women MASS event titled Dress for Your Leadership Presence and she delivered a very informative and energetic presentation. Linda’s style is direct and her strong communication techniques make a great impact. Her demonstration of “Nose to Toes” addressed everything professional women want to know about a career wardrobe – but were afraid to ask!”

“I have seen Linda speak at several events and she has a natural warmth and sparkle that allows her to inspire her audiences and keep them captivated. Her passion for her subject comes through and she obviously cares about the people she connects with. I would absolutely recommend her as an inspirational and informative speaker.”

“Linda Waters is an exceptional resource to offer to your colleagues- the content in her seminars is insightful,candid,and engaging. She provides a wealth of information and consultation on professional development, career exploration, and keys to success,that truly inspire self awareness, decision making, and confidence. I can honestly say that I have carried with me, many words taken from her seminar and put them to practice in my professional life. I have gained so much benefit from my experience of her work. She is a true expert in her field!”

“I first saw Linda speak at a Women In Business forum sponsored by Ameriprise Financial and have had the pleasure of many interactions since. Linda is a true professional who has the ability to significantly improve business image and business relations using a tailored approach to either an individual’s or a corporation’s needs. Her advice comes from a multitude of experience in the corporate world and is spot on. I would recommened Linda and the Back to Business team to any organization who believes a polished representation of their brand (employees) positively contributes to their bottom line.”

To inquire send an email to , or call us at 508-520-4100.