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News & Articles

But Who Would Hire Me?

5 Reasons why Moms returning to the workforce make the best employees.

The Introverted Leader – Thriving in the extroverted business world

If you’re an introvert, or know someone who is, read this!

Changing Careers or Industries

A must-read for anyone changing careers

Lions and Tigers and Networking, Yikes!

Networking strategies and tips to make it less stressful

How to Handle Skilled Job Interviewers & Behavioral Event Interview Questions

How to handle behavioral style interview questions with finesse

Does Volunteer Work Really Count on My Resume?”

Yes it DOES, read how!

Polish Up Your Online Presence!

Practical tips for making sure your online image is polished & professional

Getting “Unstuck”

Read these great tips to get going today!

Ten mistakes Job Seekers make

Read up, these are easy things to avoid!

Buying a Franchise

How does franchising work? What does it take to succeed as a franchise owner? Check out tips from Jeff Sturgis of Fantastic Sam’s…

How to not be nervous during the interview

How to overcome anxiety during an interview, so you can put your best self forward and find the “right fit”

Re-entering the Workforce: Tips and Techniques for Success

Great tips for addressing a resume “gap” with a prospective employer

How to define your vision and best skills before starting your job search.

Figure out what you want, first….

A stop on the way to the office (MBA training article)

This article addresses longevity out of the workforce and important skills women can bring employers.

5 Ways to Cover Your Web Tracks

Tips from Pongo Resume~

The 5 ‘Must Knows’ of Job Interview Preparation

More valuable information from Pongo~

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