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Getting back into the workforce? This page is for you!
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Returning to the Workforce:

How should I approach this?

We Get It.


The thought of returning to the workforce can be daunting. It’s frustrating when you don’t know where to start, or even what you want. And on top of it, the job search has changed a lot over the past many years! We can help.

You may have asked these questions:

  •  Am I ready to go back to work? Is my family ready?
  • What is it that I really want to do?
  • What skills and strengths do I have to offer?
  • How can I compete in this market?
  • How can I balance a career with my busy home life?
  • What type of work environment will be the best fit for me?
  • What tools do I need to get back to work successfully?
  • How can I most effectively focus my job search?

Back to Business recognizes the returning worker as remarkably wise, talented and committed – a tremendous, largely unrecognized talent pool.

We are committed to providing our clients with the confidence, clarity of direction and strategies necessary to achieve success.


Our program will teach you how to:

Coaching & Assessment Tools

I don’t even know

where to get started!

How can you help me?

Resume Creation & Review

I’ve been out of the workforce

for a long time! How do I

address this on a resume?


Interview Preparation

I haven’t been interviewed

in years!

How will I know what to say?



What do the others

say about this program?

Did it work for them?

Take our career assessments