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Preparing for the Interview

For anyone returning to the workforce: You can be confident in your approach!


Now that you’re clear on your professional goals and the value you can contribute to a company, you’re ready to get out there!


At Back to Business, we notice that most people spend vast amounts of time and money on their resumes, and they often forget that it’s the interview that gets you the job. Our process helps you to approach job interviews with confidence by helping you:


  • Learn different ways to research the company you’ll be interviewing with and tailor your resume and approach accordingly
  • Be able to concisely articulate your value and how it’s relevant to the person you’re interviewing with
  • Learn to sell your unique skills and talents
  • Be confident and practiced in addressing any “gaps” in employment
  • Highlight the transferable and relevant business skills you’ve been using in volunteer capacities
  • Know your interview etiquette so that small things don’t put you out of the competition!

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