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“When I met Linda, I was facing a failed business and a failed marriage. My finances were in ruins and I was consumed with fear about how to support two young children. I pieced together a resume and called everyone I knew trying to get work. My search turned up nothing. It was as if people could smell my desperation. One day, a friend emailed me a newsletter from Back to Business, so I picked up the phone and called Linda. That day was a turning point for me.

Linda was a voice of strength and reason on the other end of the phone. I’ll never forget her words “Find your natural talent, do what you love to do and you’ll succeed.” She was convincing and genuine. I believed in what she said and for the first time in a while, I started to believe in myself again.

After our initial phone call, I met with Linda three times over a period of two weeks. In that time, she completely changed my approach to job hunting and put me in control of my future.

With Linda’s help, I am now armed with a clear focus, a powerful resume and effective interviewing skills. I have made in-roads with the companies I want to work for and I’ve been invited back for subsequent interviews with each one. Linda has turned my desperate job hunt into an exciting quest for success. Thank you, Linda!”



“I first heard about Back to Business almost a year ago from a friend. Thinking that it only benefited women returning to the world of business and knowing that an office job was not what I wanted, I decided Back to Business wouldn’t be helpful for someone like me; someone who had been at home and out of the mainstream for so many years that I didn’t have any idea how or where to begin. Knowing only that I needed to tap into my potential and follow the dreams of my younger years, which had been put aside as I raised my children. Several months later, I was still going nowhere and finally admitted that I could not help myself. I turned to Linda Waters. Our initial phone conversation was enough to get me excited and convince me that this was the beginning of my new journey. Her expertise, enthusiasm and let’s-get-this-going attitude gave me the confidence and resources I needed to start moving forward. Knowing Linda and her staff are there to offer continued support helps me stay on track, and their interesting, very informative email newsletter keeps me connected and motivated. Linda truly wants to help women move forward toward their goals, whatever they may be. I am so glad that I made that phone call!”



“When I first met Linda Waters I had been unemployed for nearly 18 months. I had been checking the job boards and newspapers and had applied for a number of positions for which I was qualified. I interviewed for a few and would get no response on others. I started to become more and more frustrated and my self-esteem and confidence levels were at an all time low.

Meeting with Linda in her warm and welcoming office put me at ease right away. Her positive attitude and contagious smile confirmed in my mind that I had made the right decision in coming to Back to Business for career advice.

The Myers-Briggs and self-assessment profiles were enlightening! Realizing my personality type, how I process information and what industries I should be looking at is invaluable going forward. I recommend taking these assessments to anyone starting a job search.

Linda helped me realize that a job interview is not an interrogation. It’s a two-way street. I am also interviewing the company!

The knowledge I’ve gained from working with Back to Business has given me the ability to put myself out into the job market again with confidence. Everything from self-assessments and interviewing to brushing up on computer skills.Linda and the Back to Business team can help.”



“Back to Business has given me the knowledge and direction to return to the workforce with self confidence. After years of staying home to raise my children, I realized I had lost my ability to compete and I wanted to become financially independent. It was time to return to work.

Upon searching I very quickly learned how limited my skill set was as I had basically missed the technological wave of learning Microsoft Suite and other computer skills necessary to compete in today’s job market. By taking this computer class I have a greater foundation and feel more self assured of not just getting a “job” but finding a “career” in which I will be fulfilled and happy with.

Linda has given me the edge by offering computer classes, helping me define my career direction and skill set necessary to return to work with greater self confidence.”



“Back to Business has been a key influence in supporting my business into the next level of growth. Linda Waters is focused and targets the problem areas. She inspires you to reach and accomplish your goals. Linda’s follow up skills make me stay on the plan. My business and I have progressed 5 fold since working with Linda for just 2 months. Everyone should have a Linda Waters to confer with, plan, strategize, re-evaluate and support your success.”


“…The most valuable thing that I took away from our time together was that I actually learned what drives me and what unique skills I bring to employers.

Previous to our session together, my resume was quite wordy and it was difficult to determine what skills I possessed and wanted to focus on.  After our session, my resume was clear, concise and divided into several key sections identifying my skills.

Not only did we rewrite my resume, but more importantly I also learned more about myself.  We also came up with my value statements which I am now using during my informational interviews and I am on my way towards finding a new career.”



“Back to Business has helped me in several ways. I am a nurse who has not worked in 7 years as I was able to stay home and raise my children. Now that my oldest has started college I was able to see that it was time to return to nursing. I realized that I wanted to teach nursing as a clinical instructor and that this would require graduate school. I missed the whole computer wave and was truly fearful of learning how to function on the computer, even the basics. Back to Business helped me to face and conquer these fears in a warm and personal environment. I have been able to actually feel confident with my newly acquired skills. I am doing well in school and have had to use Word, create tables, and make Power Point Presentations. I am thankful to Back to Business for the wonderful assistance and support I have received during this time of transition.”



“Thank you very much for your help and support during my job search. Your faith in me was wonderful to have and to this day helps give me confidence that I will succeed in this role!”



“Linda was one of the first people I called when I was laid off. She worked with me not only to develop my resume but also my confidence, look and entire approach to finding my next career. At a time when I was feeling less-than-confident in my abilities, Linda was an optimistic spark. I looked forward to working with her then, and I look forward now to referring other women to her for consultation.”



”I have thoroughly enjoyed partnering with Linda on issues related to women returning to work. She is incredibly knowledgeable, very supportive, and builds relationships easily with her clients. She has a strong ability to identify where the roadblocks are for her clients, and to create a plan of action for them that is clear, attainable and solution-focused. I particularly enjoy her energy and enthusiasm – and look forward to continuing our working relationship together!”



“Linda has built a compelling business around coaching, consulting and inspiring people through her down-to-earth and yet heart-felt advice and upbeat encouragement. She has focus, humor and drive to spare. If you are looking for a business guide and leader to help you get to the next level, look no further.”



“Linda Waters is passionate about helping women get “Back to Business”. Whether making a career transition or returning to the work force, she provides self evaluations and personalized in-depth assessment tools as well as training and support. Back to Business is the resource for women serious about being all that they can be and doing what they love.”



“Linda is very knowledgeable, technically skilled and extremely professional in her business. Her solid corporate and business background and extensive professional experience helps to provide a very needed and unique service. Linda is dedicated and passionate about her company and understands the huge need to assist her clients to get “unstuck” and find their true passion.”



“I have referred many clients to her and have received rave reviews. It is a great service to be able to direct my clients to so that they can gain the confidence and skills to reenter the workforce.”