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“Linda was one of the first people I called when I was laid off. She worked with me not only to develop my resume but also my confidence, look and entire approach to finding my next career. At a time when I was feeling less-than-confident in my abilities, Linda was an optimistic spark. I looked forward to working with her then, and I look forward now to referring other women to her for consultation.

”I have thoroughly enjoyed partnering with Linda on issues related to women returning to work. She is incredibly knowledgeable, very supportive, and builds relationships easily with her clients. She has a strong ability to identify where the roadblocks are for her clients, and to create a plan of action for them that is clear, attainable and solution-focused. I particularly enjoy her energy and enthusiasm – and look forward to continuing our working relationship together!”

“Linda has built a compelling business around coaching, consulting and inspiring people through her down-to-earth and yet heart-felt advice and upbeat encouragement. She has focus, humor and drive to spare. If you are looking for a business guide and leader to help you get to the next level, look no further.”

“Linda Waters is passionate about helping women get “Back to Business”. Whether making a career transition or returning to the work force, she provides self evaluations and personalized in-depth assessment tools as well as training and support. Back to Business is the resource for women serious about being all that they can be and doing what they love.”

“Linda is very knowledgeable, technically skilled and extremely professional in her business. Her solid corporate and business background and extensive professional experience helps to provide a very needed and unique service. Linda is dedicated and passionate about her company and understands the huge need to assist her clients to get “unstuck” and find their true passion.”

“I have referred many clients to her and have received rave reviews. It is a great service to be able to direct my clients to so that they can gain the confidence and skills to reenter the workforce.”